This document is not up-to-date, please refer to the Japanese document.

Private Node Version Control

Private Node Version Control can be done via the [Version] tab in Private Nodes. This function is only available for Enterprise Plan projects.

Creating a New Version

Creating a new version can be done using the [Create New Version] button under the [Version] tab in Private Nodes. Up to a maximum of 999 versions can be created per asset. When the Master Asset (the parent asset that created the versions) is deleted, all versions are automatically deleted.

When a new version is created, the following items can be added to the version. These will appear on the version list.

Item Description
Title Each version can be given a title, up to a maximum of 30 characters.
Comment Each version can be given supplementary explanation, up to a maximum of 512 characters.

Performing Operations on Versions

The following operations can be performed on each of the Private Node Versions.

Item Description
Download Private Nodes can be downloaded in file format.
Publish Publish Private Nodes as Discover Assets. Published Private Nodes can be imported and used in Enterprise Plan Projects.
Overwrite A Private Node can overwrite a Master Asset (parent asset) and the specified Version can be made the Master. This function can be used if the Versioned Private Node needs to be edited again. If overwritten, the previous contents of the Master will be deleted.
Delete Deletes the specified Version of the Private Node.

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