This document is not up-to-date, please refer to the Japanese document.



enebular-edge-agent is an agent software for enebular IoT edge devices.

There are three main features.

  • Deploy and execute flows created by enebular. *1
  • Manage devices from enebular and check logs and status. *2
  • Update the firmware. This ensures that your enebular-edge-agent is always up-to-date.

Go to Getting Started to get started with enebular-edge-agent. This tutorial includes the following steps.

  1. Network settings
  2. Import flow
  3. Deploying the flow
  4. Checking the execution log

Refer to the page below for each boards device setup.

* 1: In the enebular-edge-agent there are restrictions on the nodes that can be executed. Please check from Nodes.

* 2: In order to use the device management function, a license must be registered. For details, see LicenseManager. For logs, see Logs.

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