2.4.4 (September 7th, 2018)


  • An improvement has been done and now an user can rename InfoTypes
  • We have published the English version of "Use Cases" and "About enebular" pages


  • An incomplete feature "Ask about Enterprise Plan" has accidentally been released, and it has now been deleted
  • Fixed an issue where licenses cannot be reserved
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Dashboards and Graphics from being saved
  • Fixed an issue which caused InfoMotion-embedded pages to fail to show graphs when the browser which opens them is not logged into enebular



Known Issues

  • Opening the flow editor from a web browser shows Japanese texts even if the browser is configured to show English
  • The graph does not appear on the shared page with InfoMotion embedded
  • On the shared page with InfoMotion embedded, the filter function can not be used

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