2.9.0 (April 12th, 2019)


  • Inquiry function (Support) has been added to allow users to specify a project when submitting inquiries after signing in. To access, click "Support" from the menu which appears when clicking on the account name which is shown on the top right corner.
  • NEC-BaaS is newly added to Data Source types for InfoMotion. NEC-BaaS is a "NEC Mobile Backend Platform" provided by NEC Corporation.
  • The fixed-width Side Bar which was shown after selecting a Project has been replaced by a new flexible-width Side Bar. It iconizes itself when the width is set to minimum.


  • The issue which was causing unlicensed devices at device selection (when deploying a flow) to show erratic Connected/Disconnected status has been fixed. Device selection no longer shows Connected/Disconnected status of unlicensed devices.
  • The log entries of a device which license was deleted remained obtainable by directly referring to their URL's. This problem has been resolved and the log entries of such devices are no longer obtainable.
  • The issue which caused timeout when Device List attempts to show approximately 200 Pelion connection type devices which statuses are "Connected".


  • Name and Category can now be edited when publishing an Asset.

Known Issues

  • The shared page with InfoMotion embedded, the filter function can not be used.
  • From the "Contact" page, clicking on enebular logo causes to show the top page based on the web browser's language instead of the language Contact page is showing.

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