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enebular-edge-agent configures wireless LAN using enebular Reference Board Configuration Tool (hereinafter: eRB Config. Tool). eRB Config. Tool is available for Windows only.

  1. Environment
  2. Install
  3. Usage
  4. Troubleshooting


eRB Config. Tool runs on Windows computer. The operating environment of eRB Config. Tool is as follows.

OS CPU memory Other
Windows 10 Core i5 2.90GHz or more recommended 8.0GB or more recommended .NET Framework v4.6.1 or more recommended


  1. Download the installer from here.
  2. Execute "eRBConfigTool.msi" and install according to the screen display.
  3. "eRB Config. Tool" is located in the Uhuru Folder in the Start Menu.



  1. Connect the device and the PC in device mode and start the device in the setting mode. (For the settings mode, learn more to the page of each device.)
    • Case of RAVEN: Press and hold USER SW until the USER LED lights red. RAVEN starts up in setting mode. * If you want to know more, refer to to the page of each device.
  2. Select the serial port to which the device is connected from "Port".

Wireless LAN Settings

  1. Select the setting mode from "R/W Mode".
    • Read · · · Press "Read" is displayed in the text area.
    • Write・・・Enter each setting value in the text area , and press "Write" to set it.

* Once the serial port is selected, setting will be saved. You will not need to set it next time you start up. (Except when serial port name changes) * When connecting to an open network, please set SSID, leave the password field blank and press the "Write" button.

Version Info

  1. Press the "Read" button next to blank field of "EEA Version" to check the "enebular-edge-agent" version written on the device.


Port is not known

  1. Open Control Panel > Device Manager > Port.
  2. Select Properties > Details > Device description as reported by bus for any port.
  3. Reference board to which "value" is "mbed Serial Port" is connected.

Got an error message

List of error messages. Please deal with the reference below.

Error Message Reference
There is no Serial port available on this PC. No available serial port. Please check your USB connection.
Serial port setting error. Error on serial port settings. Please check your USB connection or reselect serial port.
Serial port error. Something went wrong with the serial port setting. Please check your serial port setting. If it's not working reboot the device.
Error command received. Please check if device in setting mode.
Received command format error. The received message is different from the communication protocol.
Serial port Time out. Please check if device in setting mode. Please check your USB connection or reselect serial port.
Input error. User input Error. Please check user input.
SSID length has to be within 32 characters. Please check your input.
Password length has to be within 64 characters. Please check your input.


  1. After executing "setup.exe", select "Delete eRB Config. Tool" and uninstall "eRB Config. Tool" as shown on the screen.

  2. You can also uninstall from "Add / Remove Programs".

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