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With Files it's possible to deploy files to devices which have license.

Files are one type of asset, and refer to the following.

  • Device executable files
  • Configuration files for use on devices
  • Other types of files used on devices (like image and video files)

It's possible to, for example, execute shell scripts on a device or add configuration files to a device.

For executable files, it's possible to have the file executed when it is deployed to the device. Additionally, for any type of file, the Hook feature can be used to execute other files already deployed.

Only project Owner and Admin users can deploy files. A Collaborator user cannot deploy a file. Allowing only trusted users to deploy files helps prevent the deployment of untrusted files.

The following introduces file asset related functionality.

File Listing

A list of registered files can be displayed by selecting Files from the project menu. Selecting a file will display the file management options.

Item Description
Files The file's asset name
Type The asset type
Last Updated The date the asset was last edited

A new file can be registered by pressing the + button at the bottom right of the file list.

File Registration

New files can be uploaded and registered.

For details on adding files refer to Registering Files.

File Management

The following features are available in the file management menu.


Overall information on the registered file can be seen in the overivew.

It's also possible to deploy the file to devices from here.

For details on deploying files refer to Deploying Files.

In addition, you can update the file from the [Update] button.


The file's versions can be configured here.

For the details on the version control of File asset please refer to Version Control.


The file's deployment history is shown here.

It's also possible to deploy the file to devices from here.


The file's access permissions can be configured here.


The file's settings can be changed here.

For details on file settings refer to File Settings.

Device File Management

Deployed files can be managed on a per device basis.

Selecting Device List from the project menu and then selecting a device from the list will display the device's information. From here, it's possible to check the status of and delete files deployed to the device by clicking the Manage Files button.

File Access From Flows

It's possible to access files deployed to a device from flows also deployed to the same device.

For details on file access from flows refer to Accessing Files From Flows.

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