2.8.1 (March 1st, 2019)


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  • Fixed the issue that prevented "▼" from showing in the drop-down list to choose Connection Type at Create Connection screen.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the layout of the Sign Up screen to corrupt when either username, full name, email, password, or confirm password is entered.


  • Changed the initials of the Data Source Type names to upper cases for the consistency with Connection Type descriptions.

Known Issues

  • The shared page with InfoMotion embedded, the filter function can not be used.
  • From the "Contact" page, clicking on enebular logo causes to show the top page based on the web browser's language instead of the language Contact page is showing.
  • The users with an Outside Collaborator privilege cannot access its project, however, it is shown as clickable option in the Project list and clicking it results in error screen.
  • enebular account profile images are not still available on IntoType screen which is accessible from Published Assets or Discover.

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