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In enebular, you can check the logging of a paid device by turning on the monitoring setting of the device.

The specifications of the log output by enebular-agent and enebular-edge-agent are different.


To view the log, please click [View Logs] in the right part of the target device.

enebular-agent log

The enebular-agent sends the log output to the console (stdout / stderr) to enebular. By default, only logs of info level are output. You can change the output setting to the debug level with the environment variable DEBUG.

The enebular agent also captures all logs that Node-RED outputs to the console. All log contents captured from Node-RED will be logged as the log level of info.

After startup, logs are sent every 30 seconds for 3 minutes after flow deployment, then every 5 minutes thereafter. Logs are also sent when the system shuts down.

Node-RED log

The log output by Node-RED depends on Node-RED setting and node setting. For details, please refer to Node-RED Documentation.

If you want to output the log of the Debug node, output to the console is enabled by setting the Debug node to debug tab and console.


How to read the log screen

This is an example of the enebular-agent's log screen.


  1. Timestamp of log output
  2. Log
  3. The service that outputs logs * Internal refers to enebular-agent
  4. Log Level
  5. Timestamp when enebular received the log * By clicking the timestamp, you can select the time of the log to be viewed

The log output from the Debug node is displayed as follows.


enebular-edge-agent log

enebular-edge-agent sends operation logs and error logs to enebular. Logs are sent 30 seconds after booting the device, thereafter every 5 minutes.

How to read the log screen

This is an example of the enebular-edge-agent log screen.


  1. Log
  2. Function name that output log
  3. Log Level
  4. Timestamp when enebular received the log

By clicking the timestamp, you can select the time of the log to be viewed

enebular-edge-agent log list

Below are the operation logs and error logs of the enebular-edge-agent. For further information please contact [email protected].

operation log

main start
thread boot
wifi connected
device manager initialized
flow def manager initialized
uhuru red initialized
SD initialized
flow deployed
flow executing
flow executed
flash updated: device bundle
flash updated: flow define
storage initialized

error log

flow URL connect timeout
flow download failed
flow data error
flow size over
writing flow failed
reading flow failed
flow URL size over
mbed cloud factory configurator client error
flow runtime not found
flow file not found
js interpreter error
js flow json parse error
js node initialize error
js flow stopped error
js flow execute error
js waiting list overflow
device auth none license
device auth https error
device auth invalid
token https error
activate device https error
log https error

Log Export

Log Export function allows you to download logs of enebular devices in the selected period.

Log Export parameters are:

  • Project (only Enterprise projects allowed)
  • Period (dates in UTC between which logs were sent)

By specifying above, you can export logs sent by licensed devices in the specified period in specified projects.

Log Export Procedure

The procedure of Log Export consists of:

  1. Navigate to a specific project from the project selection screen.
  2. Click on the Devices on the left menu.
  3. Click on the Export Logs button on the upper right corner.
  4. Select a specific period from the calendar and click the Export button.

Then the Log Export procedure will start. The result of Log Export would be sent to the email. Depending on the number of logs, it may take up to 24 hours.

The email would contain the link to download a ZIP file that contains exported logs. The link is valid for 24 hours.

ZIP file

Multiple ZIP files can be generated if there are too many logs to export. The division rules are as follows:

  • add all the log files by devices and compress them into a single ZIP file within a range not exceeding 10000 files
  • if the log files generated by one device exceeds 10000, compress them into a single ZIP file

The name of the compressed ZIP file is <Project name>.zip. If there are multiple ZIP files, then <Project name>_<N>.zip (N is an integer starting from 1).

ZIP file structure:

  • <Project name> folder
    • <Connection name> folder (if the folder with the same connection name already exists, then add _<M>(M is an integer starting from 1))
      • <DeviceId> folder(Pelion Device Name for Pelion devices)
        • <Unix Epoch time>.json folder(for example: 1560506700000.json)

Log Export Constraints

  • the number of log files that can be exported at a time is 1.2 million files (usually, Devices send log files once every 5 minutes, so if, for example, 200 devices would send an around 20 days worth of logs)
  • the maximum selectable period is 30 days
  • only one Log Export at a time can be performed in the same project
  • Log Export may not be performed if the system is in Busy state (try again in a few hours)

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