This document is not up-to-date, please refer to the Japanese document.

Connecting Data Source

A Data Source is a data connection used by an InfoMotion (Graph). Registering a Data Source is necessary to use InfoMotion. A Flow can save data to a Data Source.

In enebular, you can create & edit Data Source.

Available data sources for InfoMotion:

A Data Source connection can be checked once created. Results are displayed in the Connected column. Currently the data sources that can be checked

  • Firebase
  • PubNub

The results of the connection test are represented by 4 icons which each signifies a connection status.

  • - : Indicates that it cannot be checked (API Gateway and NEC BaaS).

  • Green: Indicates that it can connect to the Data Source and retrieve data from the Data Source.

  • Yellow: It was able to connect to the Data Source, but it could not retrieve data. This may be due to incorrect ref, channel or an empty database.

  • Red: Indicates that it could not connect to the Data Source.

For more details hover over the connection icon.

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