2.3.0 (November 30th, 2018)


  • File Deploys, the new enebular function to allow enebular to deploy files, has been added.


  • Fixed an issue where an invalid AWS IoT configuration file was included in the prebuilt package (*-prebuilt.tar.gz)


  • Updated the install script to add the enebular-agent user to the gpio group on Raspberry Pi devices so that the Node-RED nrgpio node types work by default.
  • Updated systemd service startup registration so that enebular-agent is automatically restarted after 60 seconds if it terminates abnormally for some reason.
  • enebular editor has been modified to be able to edit flows inside enebular-agent by connecting directly to it.
    • Changed mentions of “Mbed Cloud” to “Pelion Device Management”
    • Use shorter install script download URL

Known Issues


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