This document is not up-to-date, please refer to the Japanese document.

Create API Gateway Data Source

※ Not Applicable with livemode

In the same enebular project click Data Sources and the plus button to add a Data Source


  • Endpoint
    • API Gateway endpoint to set. Please refer to the following.
  • API Key
    • API Key for the API Gateway. Please refer to the following.

Click Save to set the Data Source.

You should see a new Data Source created.



Endpoint's format is https://[id][stage]/[method] To take an example of Setup & Create Lambda Function. Endpoint is https://********* .

See Stage for checking id and stage.


See Resource for checking method .



Create Amazon API Gateway's API Key. If you know more, see official documentation for details.

Click left menu's API Key.

Click Action and Create API Key.


Create a name for the key.


Now it becomes a registered apikey to be used for a Data Source.


Create InfoMotion

Now your Data Source is ready to be used on an InfoType see Sample InfoTypes to downoad a graph, Upload an InfoType to upload a graph to enebular, and Create InfoMotion to create an InfoMotion dashboard.

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