• enebular uses ARM Ltd.'s Mbed OS Mbed Cloud service to authorize IoT devices running enebular-edge-agent. enebular-edge-agent operates as an Mbed Cloud client


  • It is possible to do flow programming using the Node-RED based Flow Editor on enebular
  • Flows created on enebular can be deployed and executed on IoT devices running enebular-edge-agent (1)

1) There are limitations to the flows that can be executed with enebular-edge-agent. For detailed specifications, please contact support ([email protected]).

Device Management

  • As an enebular device management feature, it is now possible to monitor the device status of IoT devices running enenbular-edge-agent
  • enenbular-edge-agent regularly reports device status to enebular
  • These features are offered as an Enterprise Plan paid features


  • enebular-edge-agent records error and operational messages to an MicroSD for logging
  • This feature is offered as a Enterprise Plan paid feature





Known Issues

  • When using a BME280 node, it may not operate correctly if the flow size is large
  • For Inject nodes, it is only possible to set Timestamp for the Payload and Repeat for the Interval

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