• Released support for connecting to enebular using Mbed Cloud
    • Up until now AWS IoT was used to connect to enebular, but it is now possible to choose between using AWS IoT and Mbed Cloud
    • If using Mbed Cloud, please get in touch with us at [email protected] for detailed information
  • Added support for 'activation' functionality where enebular-agent automatically links with a license set as 'Reserved' on enebular
  • Added the ability to specify Node-RED's data directory (userDir) with the NODE_RED_DATA_DIR environment variable
  • Added the ability to specify the execution command used to start Node-RED with the NODE_RED_COMMAND environment variable


  • Handled the issue of being able to connect directly to the enebular-agent Node-RED flow editor and edit a deployed flow by disabling flow editing


  • In the logging function, the max log file size that can be sent each time is now restricted to 10KB
  • In the logging function, the log is now sent every 30 seconds for the first 3 minutes after startup (with the regular interval being 300 seconds)
  • Updated the readme files to reflect the new features and changes

Known Issues


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