This document is not up-to-date, please refer to the Japanese document.

License Manager

The License Manager allows you to purchase Licenses that are required to monitor the logs and status of devices deployed to AWS IoT. This feature is current only supported for Enterprise Plan. Please contact [email protected] for more info.

Setting up enebular-agent is a prerequisite to getting started. The agent can be downloaded from GitHub. More info can be found here.

License Phases

A License has 4 types of status.

  1. Issued
  2. Registered
  3. Reserved
  4. Deleted

Issuing a License

On the top right, click on the Purchase button. Currently you can only select Device Monitoring for the License Type. 1 License can only be used with 1 device, so if you want to monitor 4 devices, choose 4 Licenses.

Once you have purchased a License you will receive a License key. The status of the License will be issued.

Registering a License

When the status of a License is issued, you can register it to a Device. Registering a License activates the monitoring capabilities.

When you register a license to a device, please make sure your device is online. If it is offline, when you registered it, the device cannot be monitored. In order to fix that issue, follow the steps below.

  1. Start a device with (enebular-agent / enebular-edge-agent) running
  2. From the Device List, toggle Monitoring to OFF, then ON again

Click on an issued License, to register a License. Similar to deploying a flow, you choose a connection you created from for example AWS IoT. Select a device to register the License. Your device with enebular-agent running does not have to be turned on to register. Once registered, your License status will become registered.

If your device was turned off when registering, just turn it on to activate monitoring. If your device was turned on when registering, your device will automatically activate monitoring.

Reserving a License

To be implemented.

Deleting a License

From License Manager, if a License's status is registered, you can click on the unsubcribe button to delete the License. When you delete a License the License's relationship with the device you registered to is removed, which means you lose monitoring capabilities. It is not possible to re-register a License.


Logs and Status of the device can be monitored. It can be viewed under Device List from the sidebar.

The device logs several things in AWS IoT's case.

  1. The logs from Node-Red. This includes the console log from the debug node. Make sure to check the option, debug tab and console.
  2. Logs from enebular-agent itself

Status shows if the device is connected or disconnected.

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