2.3.0 (July 6th, 2018)


  • Added a new "Published Assets" page to the Project management function
  • Now published assets can be deleted from "Published Assets" page


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the connection list from appearing when ConnectionType is set to "AWS IoT" when reserving a license at LicenseManager screen.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Reserve button in the LicenseManager screen to be clicked even if the Connection Type is not set.


  • Deleting a published asset used to also delete the original asset which it was published from, but now the only published asset will be deleted if this action is taken.
  • Published assets will now be deleted if the user who published it is deleted.
  • Publishing an already-published asset used to publish a new asset, but now doing so will overwrite the existing published asset.
  • User ID is now obtainable from Account Settings screen.
  • the twitter node on the flow editor has been updated because node-red-node-twitter on Node-RED was updated.

Known Issues

  • Opening the flow editor from a web browser shows Japanese texts even if the browser is configured to show English.
  • InfoMotion-embedded pages fail to show graphs when the browser which opens them is not logged into enebular.
  • The current flow editor allows multiple users to open the same flow simultaneously; however, if each clicks on "Deploy" button, only the last saved flow will remain on enebular.

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