This document is not up-to-date, please refer to the Japanese document.



This section describes Node-RED.

Node-RED runs on enebular-agent.



Node-RED Feature

  • A platform that creates applications by linking functions such as APIs, online services, and devices
  • Open source software, works with JavaScript environment (Node.js)

The process flow (program) executed by a device is called a flow. Also, downloading the created flow to the device is called deployment. Node-RED of enebular-agent executes the deployed flow on the device (Linux).


Node-RED runs as a Linux process.

  • Process name: node-red
  • Execution user: User specified at installation

For more information, see User / Folder-User.


Node-RED is installed in the folder specified by -u or--user and -d or--install-dir of Installation procedure-Option. If -u or--user is specified as and -d or--install-dir is omitted, it will be installed in the following folder.


For details on Node-RED, refer to Node-RED (external link).

The installation destination folder of Node.js is -u or--user of Installation procedure-Option or of Update procedure-Option. It is decided by the specification of user and

. If -u or--user is specified as during installation, it will be installed in the following folder.


For details on Node.js, refer to HP of Node.js (external link).

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