In 0.9.1 release, improved stability of running flow and security.




  • Changed to conceal Wi-Fi password on MicroSD.
    • Rewriting the password on MicroSD to default value after it's saved on flash memory.
  • Flows with setting values less than 1 second are set to 1 second.
  • For Digital Out nodes, added available data types of msg properties.
    • string(true / false)
    • bool(true / false) new
    • number(1 / 0) new
  • When flow is deployed device is rebooted to ensure execution of flow.

Known Issues

  • When using a BME280 node, it may not operate correctly if the flow size is large.
  • An Inject node can set only a Timestamp for the Payload and Repetition of the Interval.
  • Excessive deployment within a span of one minute may cause failure of flow initialization.
    • The device will stop in case of a flow initialization failure. To resolve this, reboot the device by pressing the reset button.

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