This document is not up-to-date, please refer to the Japanese document.

Accessing Files From Flows

Files that have been deployed to a device can be accessed from a flow on the same device. The following explains how to go about that access.

File Paths

The base directory of the file storage location on the device can be referenced in a flow deployed to a device via the ENEBULAR_ASSETS_DATA_PATH environment variable.

As files are stored in the Deploy Directory directory under the path specified in this environment variable, the full path of the file can be obtained by combining the path in the environment variable, the file's Deploy Directory and the file's filename as in the pattern shown below.

<ENEBULAR_ASSETS_DATA_PATH>/<Deploy Directory>/<Filename>


In this example bar is used for the file's Deploy Directory and foo.txt is used for the file's filename.

Environment variables can be obtained in a flow by using the process-env node type. The node's properties should be configured as shown below.

Property Name Description Content to Specify
Key Environment variable name ENEBULAR_ASSETS_DATA_PATH

Next, add a function type node and enter the JavaScript code as shown below to join the Deploy Directory and the filename to the base directory.

msg.payload = msg.payload + '/bar/foo.txt';
return msg;

With this, the payload of the message from this node can be used as the file's full path in the next node.

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