2.10.0 (May 8th, 2019)


  • The deployed flow name and deploy status of paid subscription devices running enebular-agent 2.5.0 and newer are now visible.
  • It's now possible to tag paid subscription enabled devices which are managed in the Device List. The tags can be used with filters and searches.
  • It's now possible to search for paid subscription devices which are managed in the Device List. Flows can then be deployed to those devices.
  • Search results in the Device List can now be saved as filters. Flows can be deployed to the filtered devices.
  • A "Sync" button has been added to the Device information. By clicking the button, enebular updates enebular-managed device information by synchronizing with AWS IoT or Pelion Device Manager.
  • enebular Operational Status is now available.


  • enebular now accepts lower case project names just like asset names.
  • enebular no longer accepts upper case characters in email addresses at sign-up time.
    • enebular does not differentiate between upper and lower case characters used in email addresses.
  • How enebular determines the result of a flow deploy has been changed, and it now correctly detects flow download failures.


  • Modifications have been made to allow enebular to connect to a larger number of devices. Due to these modifications, a IAM Role ARN is now required for AWS IoT connections. (For details, please refer to Creating an AWS IoT

Known Issues

  • The filter function cannot be used on shared pages with InfoMotion embedded.
  • Clicking on the enebular logo from the "Contact" page causes the top page to be shown in the web browser's default language instead of the original contact page language.

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