This document is not up-to-date, please refer to the Japanese document.

Create Flows

The following covers how to create flows.

First, select a project from the project list and you'll be taken to the project management screen.


Open the dialog box with the "+" button on the bottom right.


Select "flow" for the asset type in the dialog box.


After selecting "flow", you'll be able to set the icon, title, privileges and category.


  • Title
    • An appropriate title for the flow
  • Description
    • This can be left blank
  • Access Privileges
    • edit, deploy, publish
  • Category
    • An appropriate category for the flow


Once you've completed the settings, click the "Continue" button.


The flow has now been created.

Node-RED on enebular and enebular-agent does not support all nodes. Nodes developed by the open source community should be used at your own risk.
There is a particular restriction on available nodes for the enebular-edge-agent.For more details, enebular-edge-agent > Nodes.


Web Flow Editor is not an execution environment but a development environment.

The following are restrictions pertained to Web Flow Editor.

  • A hardware dependent node cannot be used
  • A node that depends on the development environment cannot be used
  • A large size node cannot be imported and used
    • Reloading may be repeated
  • The generated URL is temporary
  • Some native Node-RED keyboard shortcuts do not function properly

Node-RED Compatibility

Enabling or disabling a node

enebular v2.25.0 or higher is using Node-RED v1. It brings Node-RED Enabling or disabling a node feature. This feature can be used when deploying the flow to the following:

  • Web Flow Editor (Node-RED 1.0.5 is used)
  • enebular editor: 1.0.0 or higher

Please refer to Deploys for more information.

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