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Developer Mode


This section describes developer mode of enebular-agent.

Developer mode is one of enebular-agent's startup modes, and it is a mode in which enebular editor can directly edit enebular-agent flow.



There are two kinds of startup modes of enebular-agent, normal mode and developer mode. The difference between the two is the mode of enebular editor to create flow.

There are two modes in the enebular editor: Desktop and Remote. Desktop (desktop mode) is used to edit the flow when Node support is limited to PC and browser API. Remote (remote mode) is used to edit the flow using device dependent Node such as Raspberry Pi's sensor node.

If you start the startup mode of enebular-agent in normal mode, desktop mode can be used in enebular editor, When started in developer mode, remote mode can be used in enebular editor. The following table shows the relationship.

enebular-agent mode enebular editor mode
normal mode desktop mode
developer mode remote mode

For details on editing the flow in remote mode, refer to Load flow in remote mode.

Startup Behavior

When Linux starts up, the enebular-agent starts up in the installed boot mode.

If the startup mode is installed in developer mode (option --dev-mode specified), enebular-agent is started in developer mode. If the boot mode is installed in normal mode (option --dev-mode is omitted), enebular-agent is started in normal mode. Note: The option --no-startup-register is described as being omitted.

We recommend normal mode for the boot mode specified during installation. (Always using it in developer mode increases the security risk)

For details on the process, refer to User / Folder-User. For details on installation options, refer to Installation procedure-Options.


Example Settings

The method of setting the boot mode is shown separately for installation and operation.

Example Settings Install

At the time of installation, the startup mode is specified by --dev-mode in Installation procedure-Option. When --dev-mode is specified, the developer mode is selected, and when the default is set, the normal mode is selected.

When using the developer mode, it is recommended to set the startup mode at installation to normal mode and change the startup mode to the developer mode by command at the time of operation.

Example Setting Operation

It is also possible to change the start mode with a command during operation.

The procedure as follows, stop the service of enebular-agent, execute enebular-agent specifying the start mode, and start the service of enebular-agent.

The following shows the procedure for changing the startup mode when -u or--user is specified as and -d or--install-dir is omitted.

【in case Node.js version in the system is different from the required】setting the PATH environmental variable

To launch enebular-agent, Node.js version prepared by the installer is required.

In an environment where Node.js is installed by default, such as Raspberry Pi OS, first set the PATH environmental variable so that enebular-agent can start by using Node.js prepared by the installer according to the following procedure.

enebular-agent v2.15.0 or higher
export PATH
enebular-agent v2.10.0 or higher
export PATH
enebular-agent 2.9.x or lower
export PATH

After completing the setting, start enebular-agent using one of the following methods.

AWS IoT, start mode = developer mode
sudo systemctl stop enebular-agent-<user>.service
/home/<user>/enebular-runtime-agent/ports/awsiot/bin/enebular-awsiot-agent --dev-mode
AWS IoT, start mode = normal
sudo systemctl stop enebular-agent-<user>.service
Pelion Device Management, start mode = developer mode
sudo systemctl stop enebular-agent-<user>.service
/home/<user>/enebular-runtime-agent/ports/pelion/bin/enebular-pelion-agent --dev-mode
Pelion Device Management, start mode = normal mode
sudo systemctl stop enebular-agent-<user>.service

Note that the start mode set here is valid only for the enebular-agent that has just been run, When Linux is restarted, the enemy-agent is started in the boot mode specified during installation.

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