Device List

The Device List displays the status and log of licensed devices (see License Manager). This feature is currently only supported in the enterprise plan. For further information please contact [email protected]

Select Connection Type


Select the connection that your device is connected to. Current available connections are AWS IoT and MBED.

Select Connection


Select a registered connection. If the connection has not been registered, click on New to create the connection. For details on how to create a connection, see Example: AWS IoT or Example: mbed Cloud

Device List


When you select a connection, a list of devices associated with the connection is displayed. The items 1 to 4 are explained below.

1. Device ID

A list of licensed devices is displayed.

2. Status

Status of the device is displayed as an icon. The icons and descriptions displayed are as follows.

Icon Status Description
connected connected When the device is connected to enebular
disconnected disconnected When the device is not connected to enebular

3. Monitoring

Switching the Monitoring on (green) or off (gray) will enable/disable viewing of status and logs of the device. If disabled Status will be disconnected and new logs from the device will not be displayed. Previous logs can still be displayed.

4. Logs

Displays the log of the device. For details, please refer to Logs

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