2.12.0 (June 14th, 2019)


  • Added a function in Device List to deploy files directly.


  • Fixed the issue which caused device list to fail to show devices properly when the list contains more than 100 devices while showing the list of devices to choose as the File Deploy targets.


  • Changes are made to License Manager to show the license list paginated.
  • Changes are made to expressions on Sidebar as follows.
    • Device List > Devices
    • Billing Information > Billing Info
    • License Manager > Licenses
  • Search Form of Assets is now moved from the top of the screen to inside the asset pages.

Known Issues

  • The filter function cannot be used on shared pages with InfoMotion embedded.
  • Clicking on the enebular logo from the "Contact" page causes the top page to be shown in the web browser's default language instead of the original contact page language.

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