2.1.2 (April 16th, 2018)


  • Added descriptions on enebular paid functions to the enebular documentation.(English only)
  • Added a message page to show when the enebular service is down.
  • Added a description in the enebular documentation that credit card information is necessary when the flow is deployed to heroku.
  • Added the link to enebular blog to the top page navigation bar.


  • Fixed an issue which caused mismatch between the numbers shown on Infomotion graphs and the numbers shown on the Milkcocoa InfoType data store.
  • Deleted the link to the non-existent "About" page.
  • Eliminated the ambiguity in the error message which is shown when one attempts to deploy flows to heroku using wrong token.
  • Eliminated inconsistencies in the use of the words for "Sign in" and "Log in"

Known Issues

  • InfoMotion-embedded pages fail to show graphs when the browser which opens them is not logged into enebular.

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