• Added a one-step install script for quick and easy setup of enebular-agent
  • Added a tool to support simple AWS IoT Thing creation and setup
  • Added ability to do simple startup registration to have enebular-agent start at boot-time on Debian (systemd) based systems
  • Added ability to list all supported configuration options
  • Added support for command line options in order to allow use of the new configuration options and subcommands


  • Fixed an issue that caused enebular to report the connection status of AWS-IoT-connected enebular-agent as "Connected" regardless of the actual connection status of the agent.
  • Minor fix to enebular logging upload size handling
  • mbed-cloud-connector
    • Add missing files that prevented it from being built
    • Removed invalid characters from readme


  • Updated the Node-RED version to 0.18.x
  • Updates to allow better connection status tracking on AWS IoT
  • Improved daemon usage support (syslog logging and process termination support)
  • Improved process management (startup and shutdown) of the Node-RED instance
  • Added quick setup explanation and further manual setup details to the readme files
  • Added integration tests

Known Issues


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