2.7.0 (December 14th, 2018)


  • Device List can now be sorted by connection types or statuses.
  • "Redeploy" button is added to repeat the last deploy.


  • The issue that caused a device to remain on Device List even if its license has been unregistered, such a device is to be deleted from the list.


  • Importing an asset from Discover page now redirects to the new imported asset page under the target project.
  • We have changed the title of AWS IoT configuration dialog box from "AWS IoT Settings" to more appropriate "AWS IoT Connection".
  • Attempting to publish flows which contain credential information now shows warnings to avoid information leaks.

Known Issues

  • Opening the flow editor from a web browser shows Japanese texts even if the browser is configured to show English.
  • The shared page with InfoMotion embedded, the filter function can not be used.
  • From the "Contact" page, clicking on enebular logo causes to show the top page based on the web browser's language instead of the language Contact page is showing.

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