2.7.1 (January 18th, 2019)


  • None


  • Fixed the user interface so that user privilege does not change when the "Default Privilege" of an asset is changed.
  • Fixed the issue that caused Device List screen to fall apart when "Monitoring" button is pressed.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the downloaded InfoMotion data to be "Undefined."


  • Asynchronized the deploy process of flows.
  • Now the status of flows being deployed can be observed at the notification section.
  • Deleted the word "Flow" on each button appeared in Flow Overview screen to match the buttons in Deploy screen.
  • The node-RED to deploy to Heroku is now upgraded to v0.18. * Please note that a new Heroku app must be made in order to deploy to Heroku next time.
  • The UI design has been improved for a better visibility on the message notification section.
  • Other users can now be invited to InfoMotion just like other assets.
  • Updated the "Register License to a Device" selection screen at License Manager and changed device selection controls from check boxes to radio buttons.
  • The downloadable maximum InfoMotion data size is set to 10MB.

Known Issues

  • The shared page with InfoMotion embedded, the filter function can not be used.
  • From the "Contact" page, clicking on enebular logo causes to show the top page based on the web browser's language instead of the language Contact page is showing.

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