2.22.0 (March 6th, 2020)


  • Flow deploy history can now be reviewed per devices.


  • Fixed an issue that caused monitoring settings to conflict when an error occurs while device monitoring setting was turned from ON to OFF - causing enebular monitoring setting to be shown as ON but enebular-agent's actual setting was OFF.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an invalid export file to be exported if the File asset was deleted while its export process is running. This invalid file did not contain its master version, and thus importing it would have resulted in error.


  • Flow information shown in Devices and Overview pages has been changed to show the information of the flows which were successfully deployed. Thus the flow information will not be updated if it fails to deploy after v2.22.0. Please refer here for the details.

Known Issues

  • The Filter function cannot be used on shared pages with InfoMotion embedded.
  • Clicking on the enebular logo from the "Contact" page causes the top page to be shown in the web browser's default language instead of the original "Contact" page language.

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