2.18.0 (November 22nd, 2019)


  • Remote Maintenance function, which allows the devices to be accessed via SSH login, has been added.
  • Usage information of an account is now available.


  • Fixed the issue which prevented a Flow from being saved even if Deploy button is clicked shortly before the session expires.
  • Some descriptions for Action History status page is added to the documentation.


  • The UI design of enebular has been adjusted to match the UI design of enebular editor.
  • The following changes are made to reflect the upcoming discontinuation of Milkcocoa service on the 30th of October, 2019.
    • Milkcocoa nodes are deleted from the palette of the Flow Editor.
      • Executing an existing flow with Milkcocoa nodes results in an error.
    • Milkcocoa can no longer be used as a Data Source.
      • Milkcocoa cannot be selected to create a new Data Source.
      • An existing Milkcocoa-selected Data Source causes errors when it is attempted to be used.

Known Issues

  • The Filter function cannot be used on shared pages with InfoMotion embedded.
  • Clicking on the enebular logo from the "Contact" page causes the top page to be shown in the web browser's default language instead of the original "Contact" page language.

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