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Remote Maintenance


Remote Maintence provides a mechanism to perform maintenance on a device directly via SSH. It allows access to a device in a local network from an outside network via SSH.

The following are required to use Remote Maintenance.

Name Description
Device The device Remote Maintenace will be performed on.
enebular-agent version 2.9.0 and above
PC To perform an SSH connection with the User's device
An SSH Client must be installed
Relay Server A server that supports a global IP address that can be used as an SSH Server.
Will act as the relay between the PC and the device.
This server is prepared by enebular when Remote Maintenance is turned on.

This feature is only supported for paid projects.



The following is a list of prerequisites for Remote Maintenance.

  • The target device for Remote Maintenance must be licensed.
  • The status of the target device for Remote Maintenance is connected.

Build Environment

Generating an SSH Key

Create a Key for Remote Maintenance from the enebular screen. Only the Project Owner can create a Key. When a Key is created, an email stating that a Key has been created will be sent to the Project Owner.

  1. In the Project page, in the sidebar to the left, click on Settings
  2. In the Device Remote Maintenance section, click on Create Key Pair
  3. In the modal, click on Create
  4. Download the Key when the Key download link is displayed.
  5. device-<id>.key: Private Key to be used when the PC connects to the Device via SSH

The downloaded Key will be required for Remote Maintenance, so be careful not to lose it or allow it to fall into the hands of anyone not involved; keep it in a safe place. If it is suspected that the Key has been compromised, the current Key can be invalidated by creating the Key again.

Setting up the Key in your PC

Copy the device-<id>.key to your PC. It is assumed that SSH Client is already installed on your PC, and the copied files will be used by SSH Client.

Maintenance Procedure

Enabling / Disabling Remote Maintenance can only be done by the Project Owner / Admin. The project’s owner and admin can turn Remote Maintenance on and off.

Let's enable Remote Maintenance in enebular.

  1. Click Devices in the side menu displayed on the left side of the enebular screen
  2. Select the Connection Name with the Device you want to maintain
  3. From the Device List, click on the Device you want to maintain
  4. Press the toggle button in the Remote Maintenance section displayed in the device details screen
  5. When the toggle button changes to the on state (green) and the command for SSH connection is displayed, it means that you are ready to connect to your PC with an SSH connection.

Next, make an SSH connection from your PC to the device using the command displayed on the screen. Use the valid device-<id>.key that was copied to your PC in the Setting up the Key in your PC step. The command for SSH connection is explained below.

ssh -i <path to key>*1 enebular-remote-admin@<IP Address>*2 -p <Port Numbar>*3

*1: Specify the location of device-<id>.key. If the device-<id>.key was placed in the home directory of your PC, specify~/device-<id>.keyin<path to key>.
*2: The IP address of the relay server is displayed.
*3: The port number (one number between 49152 and 65535) used to connect to the relay server is displayed.

Depending on the permission setting and location of device-<id>.key, a permission error may occur when executing the SSH connection command. If a permission error occurs, check the following.

  • If your PC is a Windows machine, place the device-<id>.key in the user folder (%UserProfile%).
  • If your PC is a Linux or macOS machine, set the device-<id>.key permission to 600 or 400.

If you are done with the maintenance of the Device, you can click on the toggle to turn it OFF from the Device Detail Page -> Remote Maintenance section.

ON/OFF History

When Remote Maintenance is turned ON/OFF, the person who executed the Action and the time it was executed can be viewed in the Action History page.

In the Project page, in the sidebar to the left, click on Action History.

The following shows the different Action Types for Remote Maintenance.

  • ON: Start Remote M.
  • OFF: Stop Remote M.

The Triggered By and Requested column shows the person who executed the Action and the time executed.

Usage time limit

In Remote Maintenance, there is a monthly usage time limit for each project. The usage time limit is calculated from the usage time \ 1 allocated to the project and, \ 2 for the maximum number of licensed devices during the month.

*1: 100 hours *2: 10 hours per device

The remaining time until the usage time limit expires is displayed in Remaining time in the device details screen’s Remote Maintenance section. Remaining time will be updated in real time for 20 minutes after the device detail screen is displayed, but not after that. A usage fee will be charged for usage that exceeds the usage time limit.

As a reminder that the usage time limit is about to expire so that users do not exceed the time limit, a warning email is sent to the owner of the project when enebular detects that the remaining time until the usage time limit reaches 20 hours or less.

If a user attempts to turn Remote Maintenance on after the usage time limit has been exceeded, a warning dialog box will be displayed.

If the OK button on the warning dialog box is clicked, Remote Maintenance will be switched on and an email will be sent to project owner and the executing user alerting them that the usage time limit has been exceeded.

If the Cancel button on the dialog box is clicked, Remote Maintenance will not be switched on.

Usage Status Check

Remote Maintenance usage time and usage time limit can be checked from the Usage Information screen.

For details of UsageInformation, refer to Usage Information.

Cautionary Notes

  • Remote Maintenance usage time is not SSH connection time, but rather is counted when Remote Maintenance is switched on. Therefore, if maintenance is not required, Remote Maintenance should be switched off.
  • Please note that when enebular detects that 8 hours have passed since Remote Maintenance was switched on, Remote Maintenance is automatically switched off, and the SSH connection will be disconnected
  • When Remote Maintenance is switched on and enebular detects that the device power is off, Remote Maintenance is automatically switched off.
  • The email warning of usage time limit expiration is sent only once per month. For example, if the usage time limit increases [above 20 hours] due to an increase in the number of registered device licenses increases and the usage time limit subsequently falls back below 20 hours, another email will not be sent.

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