2.0.0 (Jan 30th, 2018)


An Enterprise Plan

While enebular was only offered free of charge up until now, in response to requests for enhanced support and high operational stability, we will now also offer an enterprise plan. With the enterprise plan you can make use of the microcontroller agent, device operations management functionality and professional support. For more details on the enterprise plan, please contact [email protected].

A Redesigned Management Console

The management console (dashboard) has been renewed and is now easier to understand. Its usability has been improved with, for example, the ability to deploy flows directly from the management console.

Expansion of Deployable Devices

In addition to the cloud environments and gateways supported up until now, flow deployment to Arm Mbed compatible microcontroller boards is now also supported. For the gateway agent, please refer to the enebular-agent version 2.0.0 release notes. For the microcontroller agent, please refer to the enebular-edge-agent version 0.9.0 release notes.

New Connection Types

In addition to the AWS IoT and Heroku support up until now, support for Arm Mbed Cloud has also been added. Support for Arm Mbed Cloud is available only for Enterprise Plan users.

Additional Device Management Functionality

Remote monitoring of status and logging of devices running the enebular-agent and enebular-edge-agent has been added. This device management functionality is available only for Enterprise Plan users.

A Redesign of INFOMOTION Visualization Functionality

INFOMOTION has also been redesigned making it much easier to use. Dashboard functionality has been added, making it possible to display graphs of various sizes at once. As with InfoType, dashboards can be shared with other users. In addition, usability has been improved by, for example, allowing graph data to be downloaded in json format and not requiring a data store connection when sharing an InfoType.

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