2.7.3 (February 1st, 2019)


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  • Fixed the issue which was causing "Save" button to be disabled when the user attempts to change Name and Email in Account Settings once the maximum character limit is exceeded.


  • AWS IoT Endpoint URL and the location of Root CA certificate referred in the documentation was old but these have been updated.
  • Link to enebular v1 is removed.
  • Both the expressions of "Redeploy" and "Redeploy Flow" appeared on the documentation, all corrected to "Redeploy."
  • Updated the Device List screenshots on the documentation to match the visual of v2.7.3's user interface.
  • Flow Editor's PubNub node is upgraded into v4.0.1, and Arduino node is upgraded to v0.0.18.
  • BME280,TSL2561,AnalogIn,DigitalOut,InterruptIn nodes under EEA category in Flow Editor have been updated to show English or Japanese help texts based on the user's language environment.
  • Project Collaborator can view Device List for Enterprise Plan.
  • Project Admin can now remove collaborators.
  • Devices tab has been deleted from the Flow page. Please refer to the Device List from the Project to check status of your devices.

Known Issues

  • The shared page with InfoMotion embedded, the filter function can not be used.
  • From the "Contact" page, clicking on enebular logo causes to show the top page based on the web browser's language instead of the language Contact page is showing.

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