2.10.1 (May 17th, 2019)






  • Changes are made to notify result in response to clicking on Save Layout button in InfoMotion.
  • Changes are made to License Manager so that the color of Purchase, Reserve, and Confirm buttons are shown in black, instead of white.
  • The following changes are made to Device List.
    • Changes are made to support sorting by Device Name, Asset, Device Status, or Deploy Status.
    • Changes are made to show "Sync" button on the Device Details screen as an icon, instead of texts.
    • Changes are made to show Deploy Status as texts instead of icons.
  • Node.js runtime version to deploy to AWS Lambda has been changed from 6.10 to 8.10.

Known Issues

  • The filter function cannot be used on shared pages with InfoMotion embedded.
  • Clicking on the enebular logo from the "Contact" page causes the top page to be shown in the web browser's default language instead of the original contact page language.

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