This document is not up-to-date, please refer to the Japanese document.

Management of Published Assets

Described below is how to manage assets published on Discover.

Select the project from the project list and move on to the project management screen. Select Published Assets in the project menu, and a list of assets published on Discover will appear. The following are the items contained in the asset list.

Item Description
Published Asset Name of published asset. In the case of a private node, shown as follows: <asset name> (package name@package version)
Type Type of asset. Either Flow, InfoType or Private Node.
Publisher Username of user who published.
Status Status of published asset. The details are described below.
Downloads Number of times the asset was imported to projects.
Last Published Time when the asset was published or the status was changed
・・・ When you click on it, a submenu will appear. If you click on Unpublish in the submenu, the asset will be deleted from Discover. In the case of private nodes, the asset will not be deleted immediately due to necessary procedures required for canceling of the agreement entered into at the time of import. Uhuru will contact the user to take care of the process.

As for assets other than private nodes, the status will become ‘published’ when you publish, and ‘unpublished’ when you unpublish.

Status of Paid Private Nodes

Status of paid private nodes will be either of the following depending on the processing state of the agreement.

Status Description
processing to publish Request has been made to publish a paid private node
published The asset is published to Discover
processing to unpublish Request has been made to unpublish a paid private node
unpublished The asset is unpublished from Discover
suspended The paid private node is temporarily unpublished
rejected Request to publish a paid private node has been rejected

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