enebular editor


The enebular editor is a tool for your PC(Win/Mac) to edit and deploy flows to: AWS IoT, Pelion Device Management, AWS Lambda, Heroku


The enebular editor has 2 modes: Desktop, Remote.


For editing flows where node support is limited to nodes that can interact with PC/Browser APIs. enebular editor loads the flow from the app itself


For editing flows on linux devices (i.e. Raspberry Pi) with enebular-runtime-agent 2.3.0 and above installed. Certain nodes such as Raspberry Pi sensor nodes only work on devices. Since Desktop mode does not support such nodes, Remote mode is required to correctly load such nodes. A valid AwS IoT / Pelion Device Management connection is required For Pelion Device Management, enebular-runtime-agent-cloud-connector 2.3.0 is required enebular editor loads the flow editor from enebular-runtime-agent remotely


How to install

For Windows

  1. Download installer.

  2. Run the installer

For Mac

  1. Download installer.

  2. Run the installer

  3. Run enebular editor.

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