enebular-edge-agent can execute flows created by enebular. There are restrictions on available nodes.

Table of Contents

Node List

Below are the nodes that run on enebular edge agent. enebular edge agent nodes are categorised as EEA.

  • input
    • inject
  • output
    • debug
  • function
    • http request
    • switch
    • change
    • range
  • EEA
    • TSL2561
    • BME280
    • digitalout
    • analogin
    • interruptin

EEA category node

A node in the EEA category is a node created for enebular-edge-agent, and outputs a dummy values on the editor. Deploying to enebular-edge-agent performs behaviors specific to edge devices. For details, refer to the help of each node.

Node Description

Classification Node Overview Remarks
input inject Start flow at regular intervals There are multiple restrictions *1
output debug Output debug messages Can not output to the console
function http request make a http request There are multiple restrictions *2
function change Convert and delete msg properties -
function switch Set conditional branch -
function range Convert value of msg.payload by setting -
EEA TSL2561 Acquire illuminance value from TSL 2561 or TSL 2581 -
EEA BME280 The values ​​of temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure are acquired from the BME 280 -
EEA digitalout Perform digital output It is for LED and so on.
EEA analogin Acquire the input value from the A / D converter It is for moisture sensor, volume bar and so on.
EEA interruptin Detect rising edge or falling edge of digital input and perform interrupt input It is for Switch type module. The maximum simultaneous use limit is 5


Be careful. Common restrictions are as follows.

  • Does not support Global Context, Sequence rules and type: binary
  • Can not be used that depends on npm module (JSONata,mustache and so on)

* 1 inject node has the following restrictions.

  • Support only repeat
  • Only timestamp is output

* 2 http request node has the following restrictions.

  • The maximum number of http request nodes that can be used simultaneously is 5
  • Only supports GET,POST methods
  • If 256 bytes are the upper limit of the response, size over is substituted intomsg.payload
  • Does not support sending requests to https

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